Monday, November 13, 2017


In spite of the downer of having a bad chest cold and having to cancel most of my activities, the week had a few creative "ups" to it as well.
Two custom pieces got finished at last--Susie and Mary. Both had me wondering at times why I do custom work, but ended up pleasing after a few false starts. (I'm pretty sure most of you artists can identify with the problems here.)
Journal work for November was finished and mailed and December's journal is moving apace.
But the big last there is something on my GALLERY page. While not complete as yet, it is a good start and something put off far too long. Check it out! Just click on the GALLERY page in the right side column to see it.
These small feats remind me of the statement that it is not about judging the work, but DOING it that counts. Back to work!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Evening view through the bamboo
I've been a bit pissed ever since my husband's bamboo planting began to take out some of my views. Nevertheless, as so often happens, there are some quirky rewards. Peeking through the bamboo and holding it a bit aside I was able to get this shot of the sun's beautiful reflections in clouds over the ocean. I was thrilled...and once again, inspired!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Look closely at all the shapes and colors!
My daughter sent me this picture from Long Island in New York. I was impressed with the myriad colors and shapes and textures presented. Not sure exactly why but it was just what I needed to get myself in creative gear and I have been working non-stop ever since. I cannot wait to see what transpires.
I love the happenstance of it.
What inspires you?

Monday, October 30, 2017


From just a few of the techniques learned
Sunday's workshop was just full of fun techniques, many of which turned into Halloween fun in honor of the season.
We played with backgrounds, adhering materials, skins, image transfers and more while munching on good food...and treats (Nadine's pumpkin cookies were a big hit!)
We spoke of many things--upcoming trips, tests, book clubs, and lots more while getting to know each other in the midst of all the creative energy. 
What a full and wonderful day! I'm always grateful and happy that I have this opportunity for teaching...and play!

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Oregon color at Natural Bridge
Another road trip with daughter Jenna has ended. This year we headed north to Oregon and Washington. We were just ahead of California's disastrous wildfires. As we traveled through wind and smoke, we were saddened for all the terrible loss.
On our hikes to so many beautiful waterfalls, through so many heavily forested areas in Oregon, we met some interesting people and got some good exercise. Then, Jenna's knee acted up and our travels became a bit more sedate. Still great though to be in the beauty of it all.
Heading through Portland to Port Townsend, around the Olympic Peninsula and back up to Gig Harbor we saw many sights and visited with friends. Then, down the Oregon Coast before heading back inland to Ashland and straight down the 5 to home. 
A great trip! It was good to be away from news, social media, and traffic while seeing so many wondrous sights. I look forward to the next road trip, but for now had better hustle to get ready for the upcoming mixed media workshop and finish commissioned pieces put on the back burner til now.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Today would have been my dad's 103rd birthday. A really happy guy, he lived his life with ease and played right to the end at age 90. Though he had macular degeneration and was mostly blind, even in his last week he played golf with his buddies. They graciously would help as needed and he loved the game, just as he had so loved basketball through his first thirty-five years. 
This isn't anything about art, but since play is so important to art in my mind, it seems appropriate to honor one of my "sources" on this day.
Happy Birthday, Dad. You may only have made it to 90, but you live on in all of us.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


One of the many images we played with today
Wow! I'm beat. But what a great way to wear myself out...a day steeped in creative energy. We had stretches, successes, failures and flops, good food, great conversations, and more. It was a day of ease in joyful creativity--something I for one had missed. Looking forward now to more of the same in the next months. Mixed Media Playtime is just that--playtime! And like a child after playtime, I'll sleep deeply tonight.