Monday, November 8, 2021


 I have to admit that often I say my inspiration arrives, as for Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes, in last-minute panic.

This time the arrival was far more peaceful and kind of developed over a bit of time.

In September student Camillia (always full of laughter and joy) brought me a crow card she had purchased on her magnificent summer trip to visit baseball parks. I was enamored, but did not see myself doing anything like it.

Yet, the seed was planted. Seems as soon as everything was boxed and ready for the Sawdust Festival's Winter Fantasy I had time on my hands for pure play. Why it went to creating stamps that then became printed cards I can't really say. But there it is. Six individual, different designs--all crows of course! It was a lot of fun. Now what to do with them? Send short personal notes, I suppose. Or make more. Or......????