Tuesday, June 30, 2020


As I drift off to sleep each night the sound of a lone owl softly hooting in a nearby tree brings a gentle smile to my face. It is a lovely sound that somehow brings the solace of normalcy (or is it the normalcy of solace?)

The sounds of nature are often what brings comfort to counter the aggravations of a given day. Whether the soft lap of waves on the shore, the hoot of the owl, the cooing of doves, the trickle of water in a lovely brook, or a soft breeze blowing through the trees, these sounds in their very softness temper the noises of our everyday world. Hearing these things, I for one find myself eased by them.

What are some of the sounds that lift your spirits?

A creek in a canyon

Saturday, June 27, 2020


In the garden
"Working with goals in creative work is tricky business."__Beverly Cassell, founder of Artist Conference Network

Beverly's words have stayed with me over the many years since being active in ACN. They were just some of the many words of wisdom that made for breakthrough creative process.

So, goals. In 2019 one of many goals was to write this blog two times each and every week. And, yes, somehow I seem to have managed that. It just made sense then to continue, to "Keep It Simple" as I titled the first blog post of 2020. 

The "tricky business" part seems to have shown up primarily in the form of Covid-19. It seems that (again, keeping it simple) I have lost my commitment to the goal.

We have all been affected by this pandemic in one way or another and sometimes in many ways. So commitment to a goal might have come up for many of you as well. For me, the blog-writing has fallen away in part because it has at times felt there was nothing about which to write. Sure, I know that is incorrect. But, in trying to avoid talking about the elephant in the room I just seem to have found myself lacking inspiration.

Still, I could write about what small things I have been creating. The gardening, which seems to have taken a large chunk of some days, could also provide writing fodder. What about plans for creating workshops in the future? Where are those plans in process now? Or write of the beauties of nature on the many walks each week. With my love for the sights and sounds there should be plenty there. So, yes, there are many things to write on this blog.

The "motor" stalled, but right now I am committing again to the goal. Beverly also stated that the creative process "doesn't tolerate much in the way of 'shoulds' around goals." No "shoulds" here then; just a commitment to being in action and to simply observe what shows up instead.

For right now, I've begun. Now back to the baking and the gardening. Back soon.