Saturday, March 9, 2024


 So not feeling blue as in down and depressed, but nevertheless this piece IS so blue.

Once monthly workshops continue with one tomorrow, March 10th. With a full house, I am looking forward to see what will come from the creative time together.

We have been starting off with making at least one piece using prompts. This month the prompts will be the color blue, a number, text, stripes, and one circle.  I had some time to create while watching the State of the Union speech so went ahead and made mine ahead of time. Actually, this will give me more time to spend with students so not a bad idea.

These workshops really fill my soul and I cannot imagine not doing them. Wonderful friendships have arisen from these times together and some folks return many times. It is a great way to gather together....I think. And the words "far beyond the ordinary lies the unforgettable" is oh, so apt.