Sunday, October 17, 2021


I wake happy. 
Starting out happy just seems to set things up for the rest of the day to me.

So this is all by way of a small explanation for why I call my workshops "playtime." One of our greatest gifts is the ability to play and while art like so much else can be pretty serious stuff, to play at art opens up exploration and experiments galore.


So playtime it is and there is another mixed media playtime workshop on the calendar for October 24th that is filled with some new and old playmates. I am really looking forward to the fun.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021



Friend Catharine has been doing a lot of paint pour lately. So, as I finally got myself to the drive-thru carwash yesterday, I was struck by the similarity of the soap on the window to some paint pour techniques.

Do you suppose there's any future for using soap pour techniques?😜

I'm excited to be hosting another mixed media workshop this month, though I think we will probably skip the soap pour technique. Still, there will be plenty to do and I look forward to having a group of vaccinated creatives at play here.

Friday, August 13, 2021

When the world gives you...

 ...well, not quite lemons, but the wrong size tiles. While I did a "repeat" order it turned out not to be and so the tiles (made in yet another foreign country, this time Turkey) were too small by a bit over a quarter inch. So what to do with them?

Since I had only used five of them I guess all of my time was not wasted. And my mind is busily trying to find alternate ways to use them, so....

Guess all is not lost. Lemonade will come :) Just a few more showers and long walks oughta get it made.

Sunday, July 25, 2021



The usual morning sound of cawing crows and twittering finches is broken by the high-pitched cry of a hawk. I rise from my journaling to check out the sound, just the first of many distractions on this July morning.

Cindy's journal, which is due to be sent out this week as part of the Round Robin Journaling group languishes on my desk. Over the course of the month many ideas have flitted through my busy brain, but nothing seems to get to fruition. The distractions again.

Summer is always so full of the easy distractions and this summer of 2021 seems to have more than the usual share. Visiting friends and family (oh, so very essential to sanity after the past year of the Covid pandemic) are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the diversions. 

The summer's Sawdust Art Festival seemed like it would be easier than normal since choosing to exhibit only on a "Gallery Wall" that did not require my presence nor as much of a display. But this has not turned out to be entirely true as re-stocking and cleaning have taken more time than anticipated. Good news, yet still distracting.

And, now, the summer's Olympics draw me to watch. Darn! I try to resist, but the whole theme of Imagine continues to call to me. 

And the many things that languish on the to do list grows. Guess I'll start with the Round Robin journal though. Then....well, back to the many fun summer distractions, I guess.😀

Thursday, July 15, 2021


Now that the summer festival season is up and running I am thinking about what is ahead. 

so apt

To that end...lots of mixed media workshops, of course!! I have been pondering the many possibilities for a regeneration of these fun-filled days of creativity with great students and friends. 

Many of the tried and true methods will be employed (and enjoyed), but I also wanted to create some challenges. So stay tuned in the next few weeks as the process is honed.

Meanwhile, check out the fall dates that have been added and mark your calendars. Just let me know if you want to hold your spot.

Thursday, July 8, 2021


One of the things that I will always remember about the pandemic in which we have found ourselves is the magic of creating postal art in the form of postcards to send in order to stay connected when in-person visits were not happening.

Recently, on Instagram, I spotted this note about the "year of the postcard" and realized that I was definitely not alone in my embracing of this means of communicating.

For years now a part of the Mixed Media Playtime workshops has been that each participant draws a name of one of the others and sends that person a postcard they have created in the workshop. I have a huge collection of these postcards and cherish them as connection to current and past students.


Monday, June 28, 2021



It won't be long now
The summer festival season is soooooooooo close. By the time you read this that pile of woodchips will already have been spread on the grounds inside the gate in preparation for the big opening day--Friday, July 2.

Are we all ready? Well, I'm sure that as usual many of the artists are still not quite committed to saying that, but one thing is for sure...they always are by the time those gates open.

So, starting Friday you will have 66 days--until September 5th to come enjoy the sights and sounds and have a great time.  I'll be along the right side wall at Gallery Wall 8!