Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Ready to mail
Ever since friend Cindy got me started on this Round Robin Journaling thing, I have found that most of the time, even if stressed for time, it is a truly pleasurable activity.
This month I was pretty sure my theme was going to somehow be around butterflies as I was seeing so many as flowers bloomed with the advent of spring. But that was just not what showed up when I opened the journal and began playing. 
Blue-footed boobies of all things! Or Sula Nebouxii to be precise. What hilarious creatures! They don't even look real. So they were just perfect for the rest of my theme--no butterflies, but what the heck!
I can't wait to see what shows up next month.
And, btw,look up these colorful creatures--they are pretty interesting.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


confused? maybe
I'm not sure just what my attraction to faces, especially those of women, is but my drawing hand just keeps playing with them. Perhaps it is about the issue of success and failure. I'm drawn to the relationship between them as well.
In the continued drawing of face after face after face, playing with small changes to see the result, I find I feel like young Gerald Hodges (and if you don't know his story you should!)
He is quoted as saying about joining his high school swim team when he could not even swim: I felt like if I couldn't handle not being good at something, then how could I consider myself a successful person?
Well said, young man. We can all learn from you.

Friday, April 6, 2018


In spite of having read Brag, The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn by Peggy Klaus, as a dyed-in-the-wool introvert I still struggle with the tooting. Still, I am excited and proud of a recent achievement. 
I was contacted by a set decorator at Paramount Studios and asked if it would be possible to create several pieces for an upcoming film. After many back and forth conversations about just what they needed, the big question came--could I create eight 12 x 18 fun figure collage pieces in 10-14 days?
Taking on the challenge, I immediately said that I could...and went searching for the parts and pieces. Cutting and sometimes enlarging followed, along with creating backgrounds and layout.
With the piece shown here I first found the wine-colored blazer. Add a skirt made of inverted spike leaves, plant stalks for legs, duck feet and I was on a roll.
Other pieces used images of pencils, flowers, crow feet, super enlarged vinyl record grooves and more to create pieces that were more than a little bit "off." In the process, I giggled a lot and frequently laughed aloud as things came together. Not my usual mode of work, this was really a lot of fun as well as being a huge "outside the box" push.
While my fun and challenge are now a thing of the past, I find I am looking forward to the film, which is only now in production.  It is Amy Poehler's directorial debut for Netflix, Wine Country, and has writers and a cast of pals from SNL, including Tina Fey. 
I'll toot my horn now, because, after all, it is Hollywood...perhaps the eight pieces will be onscreen for five seconds or even not at all. Still, what a great coup for me. Toot! Toot!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


In the Pink!
In California we certainly do not have the groundhog (not that he is really so reliable anyway) so what does signal Spring to us?
Is it the sparkle like diamonds on the ocean's blue-green waters? Is it the brisk breeze on a clear sunny day? Is it the call of baby crows in the trees? The chirping of myriad birds everywhere? Or is it the blossoming buds on ornamental fruit trees? The sound of laughter in the streets?
For me, probably all of the above are signals. What about you--what signals Spring to you?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Words to live by
Weary from days of heavy activity--projects for film and other art pieces, workshops, classes, and much more-- I came across this piece I had completed in an earlier workshop in January. At the time, it seemed a good thing to embrace for the new year.
It seems that I have carefully thought about what I say yes to, so how the heck did I get to such busy days recently? 
The joy of challenge? Perhaps.
I guess the big question is if I have felt compelled to say yes to these things. I don't think so. Definitely challenged, but not compelled in any way. In fact, the challenges really were a lot of fun to take on. Just more joys of living.
And here we are in the first day of spring...the busy time! Let the fun begin!

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Crazy bits and pieces
Cowabunga! (That's what I thought of when I wrote the title for this piece.) What an apt word somehow.It denotes the excitement of wonderful things coming your way.The abundance just keeps on coming and I love it.
Up early. Mind racing. Can't sleep. A good kind of crazy energy.
The Fun Figures workshop has magically resulted in a job doing art work for a movie set. Who would have thought, right?
The drawings have become a wonderful series of varietal women each with her own special story.
Workshops are full. And magic happens at every one of them, filling my heart and my soul with joy.
And, for today, I am off to a full day of basking in literature at the Literary Women of Long Beach luncheon with wondrous stories of writing and inspiration.
What's not to like?

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Just call me June
The day began sunny and a bit brisk so I headed out for a long walk along the coast. An hour into it, I was the one who was brisk...(ly) walking because the wind had picked up and the dark low clouds had moved onshore. Then, just two or three blocks short of my destination, the clouds let loose and I got soaked. It was oddly invigorating, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Now, just a few short hours later, it is again bright and sunny. You've gotta love California weather!
On this glorious weekend I find myself filled with the joys of the walk and finishing taxes and getting back to art play. Got some new brush pens and love the depth of colors, though struggling a bit with them. Still....as is said, "the play is the thing."
I am truly blessed to be able to live this life!