Sunday, June 12, 2022


The blank gallery wall at the summer's art festival awaits. Shelves and signage and more will go up on Tuesday awaiting the fill with art work on the coming weekend. 

The festival gates will open to the public on June 24th at 11 am. You can check out the scheduled hours and events at

Will there be crows? Well, I guess you will have to show up to find out 😀 Let me know if you want tickets placed at the box office for you.

Sunday, June 5, 2022


 Just call me twinkletoes, I guess. After writing that last blog a few weeks ago, I was blessed to receive a lovely email from a former student, who had started, along with her sister-in-law, to play in mixed media years ago when Suzette and I taught weekend workshops at the Sawdust Art Festival. 

They have gone on to take more classes from Suzette and me after we moved them here to my studio, but not for several years. They went on to take workshops from a lot of other instructors and are quite addicted. I would love to see what they have created by now as I'm sure they have gotten quite good at it. That's one of the beauties of mixed media play...the vast array of possibilities.

So, yeah, I'm dancing for joy that we were able to start someone on this wonderful path of creativity. And of course it's super to receive a note from someone like that. Purest joy! So, play me a tune, Piano Man.

Friday, May 13, 2022


I just can't say it enough...I have some of the BEST workshop students ever. I cannot remember ever having anyone come who was a bad student in any way.  I am one really lucky gal!! 

Students are welcoming and helpful to all who come for the first time, unlike some workshops where there seems to be a proprietary attitude that is soooo unwelcoming. I applaud them one and all.

That said, I am really looking forward to Sunday's long-awaited workshop and have had a lot of fun playing with ideas for what I can only call mixed media "accoutrements." While there will be some new students mixed in with the returning ones, I kinda think this will be a light-hearted fun thing for all and a great way to start.

Guess this means I will need to be better about updating this blog and fill my readers in next week.
'Til then....

Saturday, April 16, 2022


I am currently working on spring cleaning at my house, but in between...a little bit of art play is called for. And so I am offering up these five cards for your preview and the opportunity to rank them according to your favorites. This will help me in terms of production for the summer Sawdust Art Festival this year so your input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance 💓


Sunday, April 3, 2022


I kinda like it when "work" is all play. Somehow crows always do that for me. This time it was adding color to the crow prints. Once started, I was totally mesmerized. WAAAAY too much fun!

So the fun attribute satisfied, I moved on to (well, of course!) more fun.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022



There's just something about the character of Pooh Bear and his words that somehow always seems to ring true in the very moment of reading.

I can only hope that I never take for granted the birdsong and the ability to listen to it. Such a gift! I remember several years ago having a young lady who was a client who thought that the nearby birdsong at her home was neighbors chatter and it thoroughly annoyed her. Once I had told her it was merely the birds in the bushes and trees she had a completely different take and began to enjoy the sound. I have wondered many times since what exactly it was about neighbors chatter that she found annoying. At the time she was unable to articulate. I hope that to this day she is finding the good in the sound and is grateful for it.

Sunday during the Mixed Media Workshop here several times someone would mention the birdsong in the nearby trees. It is such a gift! As are these workshops for me. To join with a group of convivial creatives for several hours of uninterrupted creative adventure is wonderful. And these talented folks always pull out the stops to make some delightful pieces of artwork.

Oh, yes, I AM grateful!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


 So many sunflowers! And there can never be enough of them to fill the empty places in our hearts caused by the terrible transgression against the wonderful people of Ukraine.

We strive to find ways to help, but like the sunflowers it seems there can never be enough. Still we must...and we do.

And hope and prayers and ....whatever we can muster to assist these stalwart and desperate people...people not all that different from us.