Saturday, June 12, 2021


As I ready for another of the Sunday Studio Mixed Media Playtime workshops I find myself thinking about creativity and just what it means.

So often folks say they are not creative when what I see is any number of ways that they ARE in fact creative.So very many creative people pass through our lives every day.

One of the most creative people I encountered as a child was my ballet teacher, Catherine Joyce. It just seemed that everything she touched had a creative edge to it. Not only did she teach ballet, but she choreographed our programs, she designed beautiful costumes (one of my all time favorites was the fuchsia costume I was honored to wear as a gangly ten year old.) In addition, she made dainty porcelain figurines of dancers. She just seemed to have an abundance of creativity. 

But I digress. Sure, Catherine Joyce was extremely creative, but the fact is we are all creative and should nurture this in whatever form it takes small or large. Maybe you are a creative cook, a beautiful dresser, a whiz at decorating your home....the list could go on and on. Everyone is creative in at least one way and by acknowledging and setting aside time for our creativity life can be more fulfilling and more meaningful.

As the sports saying goes, "Just do it!" Get those creative juices flowing.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021




Way back in the dark ages--2008 to be exact--Suzette Rosenthal and I were co-teaching for the Sawdust Art Festival spring and autumn workshops. These were long days--two of them--that required a day of setting up and tearing down at each end. 

At some point we looked at each other and asked if there was perhaps an easier way. Thus was born the Mixed Media Playtime Sunday Studio Workshop plan. We moved the whole operation (and that includes a multitude of fodder and tools) to my home studio. It  worked well for us and was sooo much easier physically. And when Suzette moved to Broomfield, Colorado I just went on with the program.

Over the years so many wonderful folks have attended these workshops. Always the camaraderie is delightful and the "play" yields a multitude of artwork, friendships, and so much more.

I have to thank Sherry Mitchell for the picture from the past and for reminding me of all the joys that have followed me through these years.

Blessings galore!!

Friday, May 21, 2021



Taking the time to play, maybe especially after the events of the past year or so, seems part of a therapeutic caring for self regimen to me. I hope all of you reading this are doing the same.

I found I have an abundance of scraps--using alcohol inks, acrylics, deli paper clean up sheets, and so much more. So the invitation to play was right there ...and I grabbed hold.

Since opting to participate in the summer's Sawdust Art Festival once again this year, I could also use some new greeting card stock. Perfect combo!

Not having a booth per se this year will seem strange, but my brain is busy seeking fun ways to utilize the 11 foot Gallery Wall. Stay tuned to see all the new and different from so many artists who have been creating during the long hiatus.

And, meanwhile, take the time to play yourself. So worth it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


It's just been one of those weeks for electronic gremlins, but at least the Sawdust Art Festival lottery day had no gremlins messing with my roll.  #58 was picked and so the first hurdle has been passed. Next stop--Booth Pick Day on May 18th.
I am hoping to get what I want and be able to move forward into yet another summer festival.

But, back to those gremlins: Hard to believe. First, my tablet died right in the middle of an exciting Kindle book. Next, my phone would not send or receive calls on Monday until I rebooted the whole thing. That night, I powered off when going to bed. Then, sometime in the! What?? So phone was back on. This morning, going to check emails..."send receive error" for the entire morning. Egads! Hopefully, that has all ended. No more gremlins!!!

Sent out the first newsletter of the year and hoping for workshop signups. I don't have a large listing of contacts as if people didn't reply to the last one, they were removed. So we shall see where this goes. The blog lives on.

So a little good, a little not so much....what more could a gal ask for in a week? I just keep thinking of that phrase about keeping a sunshine kind of mind. I'm all for it!


Sunday, May 2, 2021



Just to catch you all up: I am working away on (at last) a newsletter. Since things are beginning to happen in our vaccinated milieu, it seemed about time to get that up and running again. 

Way back when, I cancelled the newsletter system I was using and asked all who were receiving it to get back to me if they wanted to continue to be on my list of sendees. The response was not exactly overwhelming, but that seemed a good thing because there's no point in sending to folks who won't open it, right?

At any rate, I now have contacts uploaded and will work on getting out all the news updates this week so please watch for the newsletter in your e-mailbox.

Things are looking up so stay safe and stay happy.

Saturday, April 17, 2021


Shadow and light rest on the hills like casual clothing as the sun eases its way down the western sky. As I watch I can feel the world around me and in me. And I wonder...what do I choose to have pass through me? 

The answer rises up. I choose energy, creative energy, and the connections engendered by this.  I am reminded of the words of John Muir: The sun shines not on us, but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us, thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing.

For me, this connection exists not only in nature, but while utilizing energy to create, whether an art piece or a special meal or a home or garden design. This is flying. This is gliding and singing and tingling and vibrating. 

Let me at it!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Sitting down to write after a stunning sun-drenched coastal day I am serenaded by a plethora of small birds, each singing a lovely song of joy as a paean to the glorious day that this has been. Peaceful and full of the calm for now, I do know that this can change in a moment's notice. 

One certainty--tides roll in and out each day

Benjamin Franklin got it wrong, I think, when he said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Change is also a certainty, I believe. There are so many moments to be captured in the instant they happen. Those moments are there, that is for certain. And, yes, they will change. That, too, is for certain. 

The sun will fade away. The birds will still their song. The cool breeze may become a dry heat. The only thing certain may just be that everything changes. Tomorrow will be different.

Today, failure? Tomorrow, success. Today, sadness? Tomorrow, joy. The revolving door of change is like that...for sure!

So if you just happen to be in a bad place right now...know this will change. And, if life is treating you well, enjoy each glorious minute.