Tuesday, December 11, 2018


So many angels
It would seem I have made enough collage angels what with the Sawdust Winter Fantasy ending this weekend, but I have more ideas and materials are all lined up to make more this weekend. Besides, everybody needs an angel and has their own specifics, right?
At any rate, come down to join in the fun, the music, the good food, and the many great artistic possibilities for gift giving. We are open from 10 to 7 both Saturday and Sunday.
And if you need tickets, just let me know.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


There's truly nothing like the open road to foster creative thinking. Maybe it's the freedom of it. Over 3000 miles later my mind is filled with possibilities. With workshops, the Sawdust Art Festival Winter Fantasy, and a new year ahead, what could be better?
I'm looking forward to it all and hope you will join me going forward.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Up early and ready to start the annual road trip with daughter Jenna, I saw this "funny" on Jacki Long's blog. So apt, I had to borrow it. (Thanks, Jacki!)
Jenna and I never know quite where we will go on these trips. We pick the first night, which can sometimes set the direction at least, and then off we go, choosing the next day's adventure each night.
This is year three and weather has pushed us all around, just making the decision for first night a couple of days ago. This year, La Verkin, Utah. (The first year we did this was to Surprise, Arizona, which seemed apt, but it's not always easy to be that on target with the first night choice :))
We are packed and ready for another fun trip.

I'll report back in November.
Let the adventure begin. Surprise us!

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Many of us know that angels come in different forms when we are in times of need.
I am having such a joyfully fun time creating these fun collage angels. It all started with time on my hands. Then, just two magazines off of a rack. Scissors, a piece of deli paper, a variety of small tubes of paint, and a black outlining pen finished up the pieces needed for the project. Watercolor paper was of course needed for the base piece.
Then...let the fun begin!
Now there are 30 completed collage angels. Some of the originals are being framed. Others are prints and/or cards. All will be ready for the Sawdust Festival's Winter Fantasy.
I feel blessed to be able to have so much fun creating art...and angels :)

Monday, October 1, 2018


So many angels!
Whatever happened to September? It was that head down and focused approach, I guess, as i was preparing for Sawdust Winter Fantasy and the upcoming workshops and road trip. Somehow, I just missed a lot of the month. 

That said, October has arrived and it is one of my very favorite times here along the coast. I intend to enjoy it. Mornings and evenings cool off and the sounds of birdsong float on the air even as the tree leaves float to the ground. There is a change of pace to enjoy sunsets and the beautiful autumn evening light in the canyons. 

Slowing down a bit now that I have a few things ready to go, I am looking forward to upcoming workshops. (October has room; November is sold out :)) I also eagerly await the upcoming Winter Fantasy and all its magic.

There is time for my grandsons now and I LOVE that. And then there is the annual road trip with daughter Jenna.

All is good as i seize the moments. I've got lots of angels on my side to help out, it seems.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


With the end of summer, I have been busy as a bee...clearing out my booth, storing work, supplies, and more, and at the same time revving up for the upcoming Winter Fantasy.
Oh, yeah...that bee!

The September workshop was a lot of fun. We played with a variety of backgrounds, which were then used for practicing image transfers, collage, and more.
Some fun student work from Camillia

More fun student work from Catherine

Sample student work from September workshop
There are also more workshops upcoming: Sunday, October 14 and Sunday, November 11 for sure. I have also been approached by a few book clubs that want to set up their own dates for workshops. Looks like the fun is spreading! You'll have to admit that this is a pretty good deal at $65 with all materials supplied, right?

Guess I had better get back to my busy bee self because it is sure a lot of fun!
See you soon!

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Festival season...and the summer...are winding down. Early morning walks have a slight chill and the light has changed. Clouds are edged with pink and lilac and the colors are reflected in the sea below.
This is one of my favorite times of year, in part because of the possibilities that arise with change. And change is definitely in the air. I am looking forward to what is on the horizon...in my walks and in my life.
Early morn
If you are local and have not yet made it to the art festivals here in Laguna you do have a few days left to do so. The Sawdust Art Festival goes through Sunday, September 2nd and the others are either on the same schedule or just a bit earlier so you had better move to come soon.  The days are getting cooler (at last!) and the evenings are delightful. So I hope to see some of you soon.