Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Words to live by
Weary from days of heavy activity--projects for film and other art pieces, workshops, classes, and much more-- I came across this piece I had completed in an earlier workshop in January. At the time, it seemed a good thing to embrace for the new year.
It seems that I have carefully thought about what I say yes to, so how the heck did I get to such busy days recently? 
The joy of challenge? Perhaps.
I guess the big question is if I have felt compelled to say yes to these things. I don't think so. Definitely challenged, but not compelled in any way. In fact, the challenges really were a lot of fun to take on. Just more joys of living.
And here we are in the first day of spring...the busy time! Let the fun begin!

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Crazy bits and pieces
Cowabunga! (That's what I thought of when I wrote the title for this piece.) What an apt word somehow.It denotes the excitement of wonderful things coming your way.The abundance just keeps on coming and I love it.
Up early. Mind racing. Can't sleep. A good kind of crazy energy.
The Fun Figures workshop has magically resulted in a job doing art work for a movie set. Who would have thought, right?
The drawings have become a wonderful series of varietal women each with her own special story.
Workshops are full. And magic happens at every one of them, filling my heart and my soul with joy.
And, for today, I am off to a full day of basking in literature at the Literary Women of Long Beach luncheon with wondrous stories of writing and inspiration.
What's not to like?

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Just call me June
The day began sunny and a bit brisk so I headed out for a long walk along the coast. An hour into it, I was the one who was brisk...(ly) walking because the wind had picked up and the dark low clouds had moved onshore. Then, just two or three blocks short of my destination, the clouds let loose and I got soaked. It was oddly invigorating, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Now, just a few short hours later, it is again bright and sunny. You've gotta love California weather!
On this glorious weekend I find myself filled with the joys of the walk and finishing taxes and getting back to art play. Got some new brush pens and love the depth of colors, though struggling a bit with them. Still....as is said, "the play is the thing."
I am truly blessed to be able to live this life!

Monday, February 26, 2018


Inkjet image transfer

What a great workshop we had yesterday. We focused on image transfers--what makes a good one, how to do magazine, laser, and inkjet transfers successfully.  It was amazing, as everyone just kept getting successful transfers--no failures. The pervasive joy of success was sure fun to hear and see and experience.
Why don't you join in for one of these fun workshops? They are taught in my home studio, all materials are provided, and the cost is only $65 for five hours of just plain fun. Everyone contributes to this as well as to the table filled with great food and sometimes even wine.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


How can this possibly be called work?
I am having a ball with the playful graffiti look of these backgrounds and the crazy ladies that show up. Each one seems to have such a different history to tell, if only she could. But it is left to our imaginations and we sure have plenty of room there to roam, eh?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


So... trying to keep this series going and going and going...changing, shifting, experimenting, taking some risks. This one moving into a bit messier look on purpose. Repurposing old canvases by gessoing over.Combining painting, drawing, and collage.Going for a slightly graffiti-esque look. All cuz why not? It's fun!!!

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hey, Red!
Sketching, sketching, and more sketching. Really having fun with this (Isn't that what it's all about?)
A slight shift in format allowed Red to show up and she and I are having some fun. 
Would love to hear some feedback on this crazy series...anybody?
It has all opened up so many new possibilities for me. And, are these ladies all in my head? I don't know. I keep encountering them AFTER I've drawn them. Not sure at all what that means.
Meanwhile, "back to the drawing board," as they say...cuz it's where the fun is.