Wednesday, September 12, 2018


With the end of summer, I have been busy as a bee...clearing out my booth, storing work, supplies, and more, and at the same time revving up for the upcoming Winter Fantasy.
Oh, yeah...that bee!

The September workshop was a lot of fun. We played with a variety of backgrounds, which were then used for practicing image transfers, collage, and more.
Some fun student work from Camillia

More fun student work from Catherine

Sample student work from September workshop
There are also more workshops upcoming: Sunday, October 14 and Sunday, November 11 for sure. I have also been approached by a few book clubs that want to set up their own dates for workshops. Looks like the fun is spreading! You'll have to admit that this is a pretty good deal at $65 with all materials supplied, right?

Guess I had better get back to my busy bee self because it is sure a lot of fun!
See you soon!

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Festival season...and the summer...are winding down. Early morning walks have a slight chill and the light has changed. Clouds are edged with pink and lilac and the colors are reflected in the sea below.
This is one of my favorite times of year, in part because of the possibilities that arise with change. And change is definitely in the air. I am looking forward to what is on the my walks and in my life.
Early morn
If you are local and have not yet made it to the art festivals here in Laguna you do have a few days left to do so. The Sawdust Art Festival goes through Sunday, September 2nd and the others are either on the same schedule or just a bit earlier so you had better move to come soon.  The days are getting cooler (at last!) and the evenings are delightful. So I hope to see some of you soon.

Friday, August 17, 2018


A quail by any other color...
It's just that time of summer I guess....I am dawdling (sometimes it feels more like slogging :)) along through the heat and humidity, hoping to reach the end of festival season intact. 
Creating is my simple solution to keeping the joy in all this. A walk along our local beaches gets the juices flowing and ideas percolating. So...why not a quail of just any old color? Or how about a crow? a raven? a finch? a grackle? The list is endless. The magic words, "Why not?"

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Staying cool
While it's hard to stay cool when all around is heat, somehow it seems the Sawdust Art Festival, and Laguna Beach in general, seem to manage. The breezes continue to flow cool, especially up the canyons.
My yard is filled with birdsong and my Sawdust booth has baby birds chirping for food.  Life goes on and we all just move a bit more slowly to accommodate to the heat.
Entertainment at the festival keeps spirits up and an evening glass of wine helps a bit, too.
If you are anywhere near come on down, cool off,  and enjoy the evenings with us til 10 PM. 
Booth #131 right at the front of the grounds.

Monday, July 23, 2018


Counting Crows...#3 of the series
At start of festival season I was sorely tempted to call my display of work "Crows and Crones," but the women weren't all old enough and there seemed not enough crows. It must have been the alliteration that captured my fancy :)
Meanwhile, I think I may have done enough women for now except for the exceptional custom one I can't resist. And on to more of the corvidae family. 
I know not everyone feels the same way I do about these intriguing creatures, but I cannot let that stop me from exploring new and different ways of capturing them. And I am curious to try a scrub jay or two as well since they are family members and reside here in the canyon.
Meanwhile, the little bird couple--some sort of finch, perhaps-- who have built a nest in our booth at the Sawdust Art Festival are sitting on the nest, singing along with the Tavern music.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Sawdust Art Festival time is, among other things, time for demonstrating how one does his or her art. Each artist takes the time to create for the public view. This is one of my favorite things, as it not only fills some of the slack time (after all, twelve hour days are not always busy...and then there's the heat of the past week!)but it allows me to simply play with what is at hand in a small space. 
Some small tubes of acrylic paint. Scraps of watercolor paper. A couple of brushes and pens. A napkin or two. And off I go. It is a pleasurable way to fill my time and my obligation. Double win...maybe even a triple! Voila!

Monday, July 9, 2018


Booth #131--Sawdust Art Festival
It seems just a few days since I announced it was time to get down to it.  Now, because of Fourth of July festivities and excessive heat, it seems a very long time ago. 
As the cool breezes follow the cloud cover in this week I can remember what fun summertime always seems to be no matter how old you are or what activities you are doing. 
So this is your invitation to come to Laguna Beach and join me for good art, good food, good entertainment, and more. Check it all out at for sure.