Monday, September 27, 2010

A Few of...

Autumn has arrived, holding hands with the summertime we never had.  My youthful summer vacation self seeks full expression.  Joy pulls at my shirt tail, tugs at my heart.  Remembrances leap to the fore, tingling all of my senses in a rush of jumbled time and space.

Children's exuberant voices; crows cawing with the same energetic volume; juice of a ripe navel orange into which I just punched my thumb running down my arm; full moon drifting across the morning sky in the west...all of it joy...all of it mine. 

Friend Susan has gifted me with the words:  Never forfeit your right to joy due to crime.   I add "due to anything."  Joy is sustaining.  Ripeness is all. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Add one

Oh, and add this:  the workshop was, yes, terrific BUT/AND we scheduled one for October 17 last week that is already sold out (and overbooked).  Suzette and i added another for the 24th!  We are stunned.  Clearly, this part of the chase is working somehow. Talk about ripening fullness of autumn!

The Chase

The chase after the Muse is made of so many things.  Three days ago it was viewing the film "The Stoning of Soraya M," a moving, aching sort of a thing.  Two days ago, the chase was taken up in teaching another mixed media playtime workshop with seven wonderful and creative women.  Yesterday, a day filled with new exercixe and new and old friends brightened the chase.  As friend Susan and i watched the sun set into the ocean from Splashes at the Surf and Sand, i could not help but be inspired and feel the full ripening of autumn approaching.  Gotta love it all!