Wednesday, September 12, 2018


With the end of summer, I have been busy as a bee...clearing out my booth, storing work, supplies, and more, and at the same time revving up for the upcoming Winter Fantasy.
Oh, yeah...that bee!

The September workshop was a lot of fun. We played with a variety of backgrounds, which were then used for practicing image transfers, collage, and more.
Some fun student work from Camillia

More fun student work from Catherine

Sample student work from September workshop
There are also more workshops upcoming: Sunday, October 14 and Sunday, November 11 for sure. I have also been approached by a few book clubs that want to set up their own dates for workshops. Looks like the fun is spreading! You'll have to admit that this is a pretty good deal at $65 with all materials supplied, right?

Guess I had better get back to my busy bee self because it is sure a lot of fun!
See you soon!