Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A little birdie told me...
 This week my muse is just a big tease.  We had Preview Nite at the Sawdust Art Festival on Tuesday night and somehow my muse and I managed to get new work completed and up for that.  Then I crashed, sick with a bad cold that had me down and out.  The only problem is my muse is not finished with me.  Feverish, hacking, runny nose and all, the muse expects me to listen to its persistent urgings.  I am trying, but only able to follow in short bursts.  Hopefully, my scanty note-taking will help me recall some of what seem like really cool ideas.  But...maybe it's only the fever.  I wonder.  Meanwhile, I'm sure having fun with these new "Little Birdie" sculptural pieces.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The McNamara Family really enlivened David's class
 This Saturday is a sun-filled, breezy beauty of a day.  I am sitting at the Sawdust Studio Art Classes venue listening to the lively chatter of our two fun classes scheduled for the afternoon.  David Farris's pendant making class has a family who bought three spots to celebrate Fathers' Day together.  Full of lively stories and conversation, they have perked up all of us tired artists within earshot.  The other class--Maggie Spencer's fused glass class is full and the glass glistens in the afternoon sun as they industriously make Origami Bowls.  Beautiful!  Never a dull day and never a moment of gloom.