Friday, December 30, 2016


Studio busy-ness
An unscheduled workshop for mothers and daughters lit up the studio on the Wednesday after Christmas.  We ordered food from our local healthy Chinese food place--Peony--and ate, laughed, and produced a vast amount of art bits.  The creative energy was amazing and it was so much fun to see the mothers and daughters working separately and together.  

Just another of the blessings of the art life.

Friday, December 23, 2016


"Whoosh!"  is the sound associated with the speed with which this month of December has fled.
Stencils and gelli prints were the name of the art play game this month it seems. We had a fun time in the December 11 workshop with all the holiday themes and more. Laughter and good food and a toast of bubbly were the order of the day as new friends and old gathered together to create.
I truly love these times and they give me renewed energy. I hope the same is true of the students involved.
Happy holidays to all of you.
Please watch for postings of the many new and creative happenings for the new year as we continue to Make Art in Laguna together!!!