Monday, July 29, 2019


While doodling (or dawdling) around, my mind turned to to autumn season workshops in my home studio. All materials are provided for each of the workshops and new friendships are formed as we play in the creative field that opens up in these five-hour Sunday Studio Workshops. Won't you join us in the fun? 

Play in progress


Sunday, September 22  Alcohol Inks  $75
Sunday, September 29  Fun Figures and Faces   $65
Sunday, October 20  Mixed Media techniques  $65
Sunday, November 17  Mixed Media techniques  $65

All workshops are in my Laguna Beach home studio from 11 am to 4 pm


Saturday, July 27, 2019


Something really special to get to spend ten days with this great young man...grandson #1 also known as CEMA or Christian. Fourteen years old and going to be a freshman in high school.

What fun we had  ! And he was such a big 
help with so many things--Sawdust booth sitting to planting around the yard.
Afternoons were spent on the basketball court of course and late nights watching movies. 

I'm exhausted, but such a great kind of exhaustion. Super to spend time with this polite, thoughtful young man. Love him lots!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


 At last! The chrysalis stage had darkened over a few days, with each day showing more and more of the lines and details of the butterfly to come. 

On Sunday, while I was teaching my Sunday Studio Workshop at home, friend Laurel sent these pictures. Suzanne also sent a video of the entire opening up.

Way cool, I was sorry to miss it.  But here is the pictorial proof for you to enjoy. The first of the caterpillars has now gone through its stages.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


So very true!
When asked if in fact I could find the time during the busy festival season to teach one of the five-hour Sunday Studio Workshops I have to admit I hesitated. Could I?

Well, as a Wizard of Winot (inside info), I of course said, "Why not?"

And, thus, was born the first summer workshop to be held this coming Sunday, July 21st. 

There are still spots left so why not join in the fun? We cover myriad techniques, laugh a lot, enjoy each other's company, nosh on good food to share, and so much more.

 click here to email me if you want to join us. You, too, could say, "Why not?"

Monday, July 15, 2019


Four generations in a year? It's true!  Read on...

The four generations are four different butterflies all going through the four stages of egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly in each generation.

The generations occur from February/March when monarchs come out of hibernation to when they migrate in September/October to warmer climates.

More next time on the stages of each generation. The ones in my booth--four of them--are all in chrysalis form at the moment.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


I'm not sure where the term "jumping through hoops" emanates from, but I remember something from childhood about the admonition to stop trying to....

Sometimes summer festival season feels as if those hoops just might be narrowing in size...there is just so much to do each day. No matter how organized it seems that I am...well, you know the rest.

Experience tells me that all will be good and that sometimes choices might need to be made. And I get it. Perhaps I just have not quite reached that point yet? There is just soooooooo much that greedy me wants to include in each day. Am I the only one feeling this way? Doubt it.

Still, I am grateful that there is so very much that wants doing in my life. So...I'm off for my morning walk along the shoreline. On my return there will be a load of laundry, a grocery list for later (or maybe early tomorrow), breakfast, banking, pay bills, and a walk to the festival for another good day. 

The hoops are calling!😄

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The milkweed plant at the edge of my Sawdust Art Festival booth is doing its job well. A little over a week ago, the first Monarch flew around, landed on the plant several times, and then apparently moved on. 

A few days later, two caterpillars were spotted munching away on the leaves. Then, one of them left the plant and wandered back and forth across the 2x6 beam above, finally settling after two days on a spot near the corner post.

Meanwhile, two more caterpillars appeared. One of the original two found a spot to make a cocoon near the edge of the planter.

The jewel-like cocoon formed is truly a miracle with the metallic gold line circling it and the silk formed from which to hang. Amazing!

The other two caterpillars were not to be seen when I checked this morning, but I am sure, with closer inspection, I will find them at some point in the day.

I have learned so much about Monarchs and their life cycle since this all began, both from guests and fellow artists, and--of course--Google.

More next time of what has been learned.

And, once again, the words of Rainer Marie Rilke come to mind: Everything is gestation and then bringing forth.

You can watch the progress in Booth #205 at the Sawdust Art Festival.

Saturday, July 6, 2019


While there is a wide variety of artwork in my Sawdust Art Festival booth (#205) this year, there is a strong feeling of nature going on. I have originals and prints featuring crows, of course! But, in addition I have been blessed for the second year in a row with baby birds. 

This year, the nest is tucked tight up under the roof above the power strip. All day there can be heard chirping in hunger and the garbled chirping of feeding time. 

There is a potted milkweed plant at the corner of the booth. Because of the monarch butterflies I had painted large and small, I thought it might be fun if I could attract the read thing. Well, as of today there are three caterpillars readying to become monarchs. The cocoons are so lovely and jewel-like that I await them with eager anticipation.

It may take a bit more tidying to keep the booth clean with all this nature going on, but it is so worth it and I thoroughly enjoy the many conversations sparked with festival guests.

Won't you come visit? We are open 10 to 10 every day through September 1.

Monday, July 1, 2019


Ah, the challenge of the blank page.  Whether writing, painting, drawing, or whatever your choice, the blank page can be tantalizing and daunting at once.

This is actually the second go-around on this particular blank page. My long thought out, perfect (of course) solution to this month's round robin journal was a complete bust. Blank again, I will head in when there is a bit more time. 

For right now, rather than tantalizing, it feels daunting. It won't last. Last minute panic will rule!!