Sunday, December 31, 2017


Happy New Year (inspired by Jacki Long)

Beginnings and endings...this day into night marks them for so many of us. At this time of year, rather than resolutions, I strive to embrace something, while letting go of something else. There are always possibilities.
What will those things be for 2018? I don't yet know. I DO know that I seek to explore more, to spend more time with family and friends, to say "yes" to more...the list is unending.
Workshops are a place I am already stretching
and hoping for changes. The schedule has only 
just begun to show up.It will start with some 
fun in January creating fun figures in collage and
move in February to an intensive image transfer
session. I hope many of you will join in for the
Always possibilities

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Baja Christmas tree
Remembering Christmases past as we nudge ever so close to Christmas present.... This one was several years ago, celebrated with great friends in beautiful Baja along the coast, camping.In spite of tight quarters for packing I had dragged the makings along with me. This holiday was our last Baja trip and holds many fond memories.
What will Christmas present hold? Time spent with close family, watching the grandchildren go wild will be a cherished memory just as the camping one from the past is. We hope for many more memories to be made as we move forward and hope the same for all of you. 
Cherish the memories from the past, enjoy these present moments, and hold bright possibility for the future.
Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 21, 2017


There IS a song in my heart. Winter Solstice is here and it actually feels like winter. How long will it last? Not long, I hear. But for now, enjoy as it helps with the season. 
2017 is nearly gone and it has been quite a year on many fronts. Workshops are done for me for this year and I look forward to the possibilities for those to come in the new year. 
Creative possibilities, as always, abound. Look for more birds in new and different ways in 2018 along with a continuation of the Celebration of Women series. The latter is my quiet show of defiance and I have a lot of fun with it so why not, eh?
Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to all! Keep a song in your heart too !!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Evening sky
It was yet another great Mixed Media Playtime workshop. A wonderful group of women. Good food. Champagne and carrot cake. Art questions and solutions. Great conversations. As usual, I was just too engrossed in what was happening to take any photos, but the sunset put the cap on it when we were finished.
A lovely, lovely day! I am soooo fortunate to do what I love.

Monday, December 4, 2017


December entry
This month marks the final entry into the latest of our round robin journals. The year began with 12 of us each making our book and designing the cover. The book was then sent to the next person on the list who had a month to play with their own inside spread. On it went at the end of that month to the next person.
These journals are a fun adventure in creativity, allowing each of us the opportunity to try out new techniques. The end result is, hopefully, a treasure for the original person to keep and learn from as well. It has been fun!