Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Would they be left behind?
Last time I wrote of things left behind like footprints in the sand. With the many fires and threats of fire in California, the phrase "what is left behind" has taken on new meaning.

With a to go bag of important documents packed near the door at this threatening time, while not actually threatened yet, I find myself pondering just what would I leave behind?

We have been through this in the past, throwing things into trash bags and grabbing at items probably not even needed or much valued at all. Cats yowling in the cars, we have driven off, likely leaving important things behind.

So now I am trying to be really mindful, while not being a worrier at the same time. What needs to go? What cannot be replaced? Down from that a bit is the question of what would just be a big pain to replace. The books above, along with probably hundreds more that we own, would likely not make the cut. It would be a sad loss, but.......

What would you leave behind?

Saturday, October 26, 2019


Footsteps in the sand
This morning in the dark of pre-dawn, as the chirping of rising birds sounded outside, I found myself thinking of not only what we leave in our wake, but also what is left after something like the recent road trip taken with daughter Jenna.

While describing the trip in brief to friend Maggie I realized I was mostly leaving out the "left behinds" like joy and laughter that come from shared moments with a loved one. I was leaving out the exhilaration of a completed hike. I omitted the feeling of awe of standing atop a white sand dune while others stretched out seemingly forever. The musical notes still singing in my head from Jenna's huge collection of song was yet another, vast, lingering thing.

Memories and more........

Monday, October 21, 2019


Silver City mural

Mexican Trestle

Rio Grande

Animas River

Grand Mesa lake
Home from yet another great road trip and all I want to do right now is sleep, sleep, sleep. So, for now, I will merely share a few pictorial highlights from the road. Clearly, Jenna and I are enamored of rivers and trees...and the very bluest of skies. Our agreed upon highlight was the day in Las Cruces when we first hiked in Cloudcroft to the Mexican Trestle and then visited the phenomenal White Sands National Monument.

All in all, a wonderful trip with daughter #2 (wish I could get #1 out on one of these) filled with sights and sounds to remember, but not enough wildlife sightings, though we saw a handful of deer here and there.

It was a great break and when I am finished with catching up on sleep there is much to do here with a full week ahead. Back to reality, I guess.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Sorry no pictures this time. Having to do blog from my phone and in a hurry. Daughter #2 and I are still on our road trip adventure, having gone through Arizona and New Mexico and arriving today in Colorado. There will be plenty to share , but the highlights are time together, rivers, and great hikes. More to come 
Signing off for now. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Beauty at home
It is that time again--daughter Jenna and I hit the road each fall to explore. We start out in a direction that could very possibly change as we go. This year it will be easterly as we head to our first stop in Arizona. After that...well, it's anybody's guess. I'm leaning toward heading for a bit cooler, like elevations in New Mexico? We'll see. Wherever we go, it will be a great time spent with daughter and her music and some good hiking thrown in, of course.

My intention is to try and keep up this twice a week thing on the road, but there are few guarantees. Goals are just goals....


What do you see?
Pareidolia...what a mouthful of a word! It refers to the fact that our brains are always on the alert for possible patterns in the world around us. Logic need not apply.

When you were a kid (and possibly still) did you see images in the clouds? in the wallpaper? in the intricate designs of a carpet? Well, then I guess you are already familiar with pareidolia. 

Daughter Jenna and I are off on another road trip soon and perhaps there will be many opportunities for experiencing pareidolia. I hope so. Meanwhile, with 82 blog posts complete for the year, I hope to figure a way to continue my two a week commitment while on the road. And I'm behind this week as I have been too busy with other things so expect another post probably today. Crazy, right? But goals is goals is goals...

Friday, October 4, 2019


Coastal currents
Dawn broke to the soft hoot of a pair of owls in a nearby tree. For a while I simply stayed snuggled in bed and just listened. Eager to get the day started, I was nevertheless mesmerized and a bit to warm to want to leap out just yet.

Once up, though, I slurped down my large mug of Sumatra coffee, got dressed, and headed out along the coast for my morning walk. My goal for the day is 12,000 plus steps so I knew I wanted to get to it. 

Once at the shore's edge, though...well, more being mesmerized. What can I say?

Once the trance lifted and I was well on my way, my thoughts turned to the annual road trip daughter Jenna and I will be taking soon. Weather has turned our intentions around and around and there was even a point where I was frustrated enough to wonder whether we would even pull it off this fall.

Finally, we have arrived at our dates of travel, but destination is the "whether" and controlled mostly by "weather." I suppose as the day draws nearer we will get it all together. There's not really much to decide except which direction to go as we always fly by the seat of our pants, serendipity and luck.

Happy travels for us abound no matter the direction or the weather. Stay posted.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


It was a small group this time, but we had a lot of fun. The mood seemed to be wanting to go toward Halloween imagery, but as you can see from this piece, I couldn't quite get there. 

Probably a factor was the issue of not having full use of my hand yet, but I could paint some, could tear napkins, could even use scissors and wield a paintbrush. So, while fine work wasn't happening, I definitely had a good time creating along with the workshop students. They did some great pieces, but I forgot to take pictures. Guess that's what happens sometimes.

Not sure where any of this fits with my series on what makes for a good workshop, but here it is.....