Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Would they be left behind?
Last time I wrote of things left behind like footprints in the sand. With the many fires and threats of fire in California, the phrase "what is left behind" has taken on new meaning.

With a to go bag of important documents packed near the door at this threatening time, while not actually threatened yet, I find myself pondering just what would I leave behind?

We have been through this in the past, throwing things into trash bags and grabbing at items probably not even needed or much valued at all. Cats yowling in the cars, we have driven off, likely leaving important things behind.

So now I am trying to be really mindful, while not being a worrier at the same time. What needs to go? What cannot be replaced? Down from that a bit is the question of what would just be a big pain to replace. The books above, along with probably hundreds more that we own, would likely not make the cut. It would be a sad loss, but.......

What would you leave behind?


  1. This subject regarding "what to leave behind" hits very close to my heart. I was making that decision last Aug. 2018 as a near victim of the Holy Fire. We were ordered to evacuate, but chose to stay and defend our home and property as did some of our neighbors. Sitting in our driveway all night during the worst part of the fire and feeling the heat from the flames and seeing it just above the ridge was indeed surreal. We did pack up our cars and moved them a few blocks away just in case we had to leave, and that's when it hit me...what do I take and what do I leave. We did pack photos that were in albums and I took my Phaff sewing machine, leaving 3 others behind. Besides the usual important papers etc, it was very hard to walk thru the house and look at everything and decide what would be left. It is a experience I hope to never deal with again. As you go through your home you realize that nothing is important besides ones life and pet. My Bible and some books that were my Mom's were packed only for comfort if we really had to walk away from our home. God in his mercy spared our neighborhood and many other neighborhoods,and the fire burned right up to edges of property lines and then stopped. Going through this experience made me grateful and thankful for so many little things that one takes for granted daily. Thanks for letting me share.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. These experiences do leave us filled with gratitude.