Friday, October 4, 2019


Coastal currents
Dawn broke to the soft hoot of a pair of owls in a nearby tree. For a while I simply stayed snuggled in bed and just listened. Eager to get the day started, I was nevertheless mesmerized and a bit to warm to want to leap out just yet.

Once up, though, I slurped down my large mug of Sumatra coffee, got dressed, and headed out along the coast for my morning walk. My goal for the day is 12,000 plus steps so I knew I wanted to get to it. 

Once at the shore's edge, though...well, more being mesmerized. What can I say?

Once the trance lifted and I was well on my way, my thoughts turned to the annual road trip daughter Jenna and I will be taking soon. Weather has turned our intentions around and around and there was even a point where I was frustrated enough to wonder whether we would even pull it off this fall.

Finally, we have arrived at our dates of travel, but destination is the "whether" and controlled mostly by "weather." I suppose as the day draws nearer we will get it all together. There's not really much to decide except which direction to go as we always fly by the seat of our pants, serendipity and luck.

Happy travels for us abound no matter the direction or the weather. Stay posted.

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