Saturday, February 17, 2018


Hey, Red!
Sketching, sketching, and more sketching. Really having fun with this (Isn't that what it's all about?)
A slight shift in format allowed Red to show up and she and I are having some fun. 
Would love to hear some feedback on this crazy series...anybody?
It has all opened up so many new possibilities for me. And, are these ladies all in my head? I don't know. I keep encountering them AFTER I've drawn them. Not sure at all what that means.
Meanwhile, "back to the drawing board," as they say...cuz it's where the fun is.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Five days ten sketches
If wishes were horses, then I would be riding right on down to the Laguna Craft Guild bright and early tomorrow morning to set up for sales. But, alas, a bug has gotten me and I am down suddenly with cough, fever, and sneezy, runny nose. Nope, no fun at all!
Still, the bright light in all this is the continued joy I feel when playing with this fun sketches of women. They all just make me smile. And, when I look at them, I cannot help but here a story. I thought of including these stories with the sketches, but then thought perhaps other folks might see a different story. What do you think? Let me know. I am interested to hear what you think.
Meanwhile, I think i will go have another cup of tea and lie down again.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Can you hear their stories?
Not even sure one should be allowed to have so much fun!! These three damsels--and their stories--showed up as I played around yesterday with pens, pencils, watercolors, and collage pieces. 
I am convinced from watching young children and how they approach art that this whole "play" approach is the way to go.
And for now...I am having a ball!