Saturday, February 29, 2020


Phil, age 5
Snippets of memory flood my mind...flashes from a childhood that seems by today's standards really free and full of exploration and experience that cost nothing. Just two years separated us, with me being the elder, and for years he would follow me around, getting pincurls when I did, copying so much of what I did. And when anyone would pick on him,he would simply declare that they'd better watch out because his big sister would beat them up. (Not at all sure what I would have done had anyone ever challenged that last one.)

We stayed close through most of our adult life until a family squabble changed all that. Sadly, we had not spoken for years. Still, when he passed this past week after a too long illness, I could not help but remember the good times instead.

R.I.P Phil

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Not sure if five counts as a murder of crows, but it's not a suicide and I don't know why not so here goes. These are crows I have been working on for the 2020 summer Sawdust Art Festival. It would have been my 21st consecutive year of showing in this great Laguna Beach festival. Sixty-six days of art, music, food, classes, and more. But, alas, I will be taking a leave of absence this year. 

It's time. I need to close this door at least for a while and see just what other doors might open. Road trips, time with grandkids hopefully, sunset watching, long walks, and so much more.

But what will I do with my crows now? LOL with them I suppose.

Friday, February 21, 2020


Faith's entry
The art jounaling fun continues. In fact, I am currently working on two round robin journals and two of my own. It is a wonderful way to try out techniques and/or to just play around.

The two-page spread above done by Faith Fickett is from a previous round robin journal. Isn't it fun?

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


If only we listen
Anyone who reads this blog even sporadically knows that I do love my morning walks. They are for keeping me, not only somewhat fit, but sane.

On a recent morning the symphony of sound coming from a soloist mockingbird in a nearby tree prompted me to stop and listen. What joy! The variety and scope of this little guy's tunes was amazing. I thought to myself, "If only..." I wanted to hold onto this joyful rendering, but how?

As I stood transfixed I could not help but think if only the sound could be captured in my mind, all worries, stress, concerns, problems, foibles even would simply disappear. Silly thought perhaps, but...well, what if...?

I think that it is worth pondering the question a bit longer.

Friday, February 14, 2020


Awake at three a.m. I really tried hard to return to sleep, but it just wasn't happening, so here I am at 4-something...

Heeeeey macarena!

Busy brain so I guess I will just put it to work solving things and getting things done around here. There is always plenty to do.

Guess I will start with the pile of laundry and then wait for enough light to head out on a morning walk.

Eager to work on a new art journal I started recently. There are some fun techniques I can hardly wait to try. I go...HEEEEY MACARENA!

Monday, February 10, 2020


Work in progress...stopped
Seems I'm always finding something I didn't know before. Take this crow info:
Crows aren't so much left-or right-beaked as they are left-or right-eyed. The birds' extreme binocular vision--characterized by an unusually wide field of view in comparison to other species--actually helps crows see better with one eye at a time.

Surprise! I'm really a crow.

No, not really, but the monocular vision is certainly something we have in common. Fun little fact...and something I didn't know before.

So, while I wait for my new lenses to correct my monocular vision to be put into my frames, the piece to the left will probably just have to stop for a while. Closing one eye is sometimes just too much like work. Guess the crow has one up on me, after all. Guess I knew that.

Friday, February 7, 2020


Tools of the "trade"
Such a beautiful day! I have to admit that it is a little bit hard to want to spend time inside the studio. Can I choose to just let yesterday's juvenile whale sighting and the gorgeous colors of sky and water suffice? Can I capture them in my mind enough to focus more closely on what I playfully call work?

Choosing joy has such ridiculous issues, doesn't it? To joyfully spend time in the outdoors, basking in color and light or to play joyfully in the studio creating....hmmmm.

What will I choose?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Star-bellied Sneetch
It is said that babies are such a nice way to start people. While this little Star-Bellied Sneetch was not a baby at picture time, he was young enough to have that still apply. And today? Hmmmm. He has reached, as of today, the ripe old age of fifteen. Still on the way to being a "people," yet definitely all a teenager and a boy.

Love this young man and the man I am sure he will grow into as the years move on...and, of course, still love the youngster and the Star-Bellied creature that he was then.

Happy Birthday to my eldest grandson! A momentous day it is!!

Saturday, February 1, 2020


Some thoughts on the first day of February:

Inspiration is right before us. All we need do is look...and see.

If we can play at our work we are blessed.

We are all doing our best, even when limited.

Creativity is not limited. Just reach out. Invent. Experiment. Be bold. take risks. Break rules. Make mistakes.Dig deeper.Adapt. Let go of fear.
Ride off the beaten path. Sing in your own key. Cut holes to see through.
Shake hands with tomorrow. Plug into joy.