Sunday, February 28, 2016


Nevr-Dull and collage

Sunday morning dawns and I am enveloped in fog here in the canyon.  It is a peaceful feeling to start the day.  I am looking forward to teaching today and having an opportunity to share some of the new techniques I've been quietly trying.  I can already hear the chatter of the students in my head just as I now hear the chatter of birds in the trees. These days bring me energetic joy...and good potluck food :)

I look forward to the sweet, tense moments of exploration as we all find our way on this day of focused creativity.  Bring it on!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It is not yet spring, but the Round Robin Art Journal experiences I have taken on (thanks to student Cindy Schaben) are a bit like watching the opening of flower buds.  My heart sings when I open my email to see some of the comments from participants in this monthly experience.

"This is so great!"
"Can't wait to add my two-page spread."
"This is so fun."
"I love the beach scenes."
"My fingers can't stop touching it!!!! I'm dancing in the aisles! Yippee!"

The beauty in all this is that, not only are the participants creating art pieces, they are also sharing the experience, building a community, helping each other, stretching, exploring, and boldly spreading their wings.

If you have not done an art journal, whether Round Robin or solo, I recommend you give it a try.

Friday, February 19, 2016


Crystal Cove State Beach
As artists, we spend a good deal of our time in close work--sometimes even minute.  It is essential, I think, for some time to be spent looking far and my favorite place for this is in the outdoors. On this spring-like day a long walk on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific filled my soul and cleansed the way for an afternoon of close work.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Playing around
When Suzette Rosenthal and I started teaching mixed media classes together at the Sawdust Art Festival several years ago, the decision of what to charge was not of our making.  But when we went out on our own and started teaching in my home studio, we thought long and hard about it. As I am sure most of you, too, have, we had encountered many classes where one had a long supply list to purchase and the base fee was over $200.
We could find no reason to justify this cost for ourselves.  We charged $65 for a five-hour workshop.  AND we provided all of the supplies.
Over the years this has not changed.  Suzette may now be in Colorado while I still reside in Laguna Beach, but the basics are the same.  For me, I have to say one of the greatest benefits is that because of the low cost we have created a community of artists who return again and again.  We do potluck and just graze as we create, chatting if you want or working quietly.  As instructors, we add new techniques to the mix each time while going over the basics for the "newbies."
This is a formula that has worked for us.  Our students value the space created, enjoy each other's company, share thoughts and ideas and good food.  And, speaking for myself, I value each and every one of them for what they bring to the mix.  We all stretch our creative boundaries together.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fallow Time

Round Robin Art Journal ready to go
Here in So Cal we are experiencing quite a heat wave.  Hard to believe we have gone from the chill days to this blistering heat so very quickly.  The challenge is to not break with creative intention.
This fallow post-holiday time of year is one of my favorite times for launching creativity.  The cool days of winter just seem to open to the pure joys of art-making.  There is time for play and study and experiment and so much more.  Time for long walks to clear the head...or fill it with new ideas.  Time for a nap if desired.  Time to get out all the materials and see what they can do.  I am really excited as usual at the things that show up.  I hope you are all enjoying the same sort of "fallow" time as we approach mid-February.  It will be over too soon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Fun

Mailing label extra (address deleted)
Thanks to student Cindy, Round Robin Art Journals are a new winter activity for me. Creating the book and putting a two-page art spread inside are only the beginning of the adventure.  As this journal travels around through the group more pages are added until at the end the journal returns to YOU...and you have an unparalleled art book.  It is filled with the art of other participants and is a joy to cherish.  Now in two Round Robin groups, I am looking forward to the joy of creating these special pages.  As the image here shows, sometimes the outside of the mailing envelope becomes just another opportunity for creating.