Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Layering is definitely a springtime thing here in California as the days go from 40s to 70s and even 80s often. So layering is on my mind.

But the kind of layering I mention here is more what is used in mixed media art projects. And there are myriad ways one can utilize the effects of layering for sure.

Mixed media artists all have different ways of utilizing layering, but here I will choose to expand a bit on what we do in my monthly workshops. A good amount of time is spent creating backgrounds and to do that we use a lot of layering of paint and collage elements. The layers help to create a level of interest and attention that might not otherwise exist.

First, we apply paint using a variety of techniques like stippling, scumbling, sponging and/or scraping. Then, mark making happens using a variety of purchased, found, or handmade items: stencils, masks, stamping, and more.

Next, tissue paper, tea bag paper, deli paper, napkins, etc. can be written or stamped on or used plain to further create interest.

All of this happens before the focal points are added to a piece. Often, we even become so infatuated with the created backgrounds that it is difficult to go for the focal point. But, once it is added, voila! We have an intriguing piece of mixed media art.