Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Something about this image calms my cluttered mind. It is tranquil in so many ways. The first of several vintage pieces I've been working on, I just keep returning to gaze on it for some reason.

Sure, the recent storms have been rattling my cage--high winds, heavy rain, and more keep me cooped up and restless. And yet....So many others have it so much worse. Who am I to complain? So I turn to focusing on some of what brings me joy...yes, creating. It never fails.

Color, texture, image....all of it softens the edges of the restlessness.

What do you do when things are our of whack, when life seems to bring lemons?

Saturday, February 11, 2023



Have you ever taken part in a Round Robin Journal? If not, I highly recommend it. 

Some years back a former student--Cindy-- invited me to join a group in which she was participating. What a treat! You start with creating a book using watercolor paper. You need half as many 8 x 11 sheets as there are participants. Fold each sheet in half, poke some holes in the fold, insert binding thread and off you go. 

Using a variety of mixed media techniques each person creates cover art before sending on to the next person on the list. Once a month you get a journal to create and experiment in and at the end of the time you have a journal to keep with a variety of art techniques to enjoy.

Sound like fun? Give it a try!