Wednesday, March 23, 2022



There's just something about the character of Pooh Bear and his words that somehow always seems to ring true in the very moment of reading.

I can only hope that I never take for granted the birdsong and the ability to listen to it. Such a gift! I remember several years ago having a young lady who was a client who thought that the nearby birdsong at her home was neighbors chatter and it thoroughly annoyed her. Once I had told her it was merely the birds in the bushes and trees she had a completely different take and began to enjoy the sound. I have wondered many times since what exactly it was about neighbors chatter that she found annoying. At the time she was unable to articulate. I hope that to this day she is finding the good in the sound and is grateful for it.

Sunday during the Mixed Media Workshop here several times someone would mention the birdsong in the nearby trees. It is such a gift! As are these workshops for me. To join with a group of convivial creatives for several hours of uninterrupted creative adventure is wonderful. And these talented folks always pull out the stops to make some delightful pieces of artwork.

Oh, yes, I AM grateful!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


 So many sunflowers! And there can never be enough of them to fill the empty places in our hearts caused by the terrible transgression against the wonderful people of Ukraine.

We strive to find ways to help, but like the sunflowers it seems there can never be enough. Still we must...and we do.

And hope and prayers and ....whatever we can muster to assist these stalwart and desperate people...people not all that different from us.