Monday, July 23, 2018


Counting Crows...#3 of the series
At start of festival season I was sorely tempted to call my display of work "Crows and Crones," but the women weren't all old enough and there seemed not enough crows. It must have been the alliteration that captured my fancy :)
Meanwhile, I think I may have done enough women for now except for the exceptional custom one I can't resist. And on to more of the corvidae family. 
I know not everyone feels the same way I do about these intriguing creatures, but I cannot let that stop me from exploring new and different ways of capturing them. And I am curious to try a scrub jay or two as well since they are family members and reside here in the canyon.
Meanwhile, the little bird couple--some sort of finch, perhaps-- who have built a nest in our booth at the Sawdust Art Festival are sitting on the nest, singing along with the Tavern music.

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