Monday, October 1, 2018


So many angels!
Whatever happened to September? It was that head down and focused approach, I guess, as i was preparing for Sawdust Winter Fantasy and the upcoming workshops and road trip. Somehow, I just missed a lot of the month. 

That said, October has arrived and it is one of my very favorite times here along the coast. I intend to enjoy it. Mornings and evenings cool off and the sounds of birdsong float on the air even as the tree leaves float to the ground. There is a change of pace to enjoy sunsets and the beautiful autumn evening light in the canyons. 

Slowing down a bit now that I have a few things ready to go, I am looking forward to upcoming workshops. (October has room; November is sold out :)) I also eagerly await the upcoming Winter Fantasy and all its magic.

There is time for my grandsons now and I LOVE that. And then there is the annual road trip with daughter Jenna.

All is good as i seize the moments. I've got lots of angels on my side to help out, it seems.

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