Friday, August 28, 2020


It starts with a walk along the water

My wild stab at sanity during these ongoing and often very trying times begins the day with a walk. These strolls generally take place along the shore somewhere here in Laguna. Just the sounds of water and shorebirds are almost enough in their own right. Then, to dip one's toes in the refreshing foam at water's edge.... What a great start to a day!


Home and before showering, the hours are spent in the garden. I have always claimed to have a brown thumb, but I guess if given enough time on our hands anyone (even I) can do this.

Card making

Many evenings are spent in art play, often producing an abundance of postcards to send to my grandson and to my friends and former students and clients.This can be such a relaxing time and sending postcards is my wild stab at helping USPS survive.

Sanity achieved? Not always sure, but at least feels like time well spent.
What are you doing to stay sane?

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