Sunday, October 11, 2020



Always a heavy reader, this pandemic seems to have pushed the usual parameters. Piles of books. Two or three going at once. Going on Zoom webinars for book discussions. And more.

Reading and books have become a seemingly larger part of each day. And my library extends waaaaaay beyond the piles. There are books on my Kindle. There are books on computer. There are books to be read on my tablet. And on it goes.

Mysteries. New authors. Books on gardening. Book recommendations from friends. On and on it goes.

And here's my big recommendation out of all this (nope, not a particular book.) Watch the Thursday evening series from writingxwriters.  These authors hosted by Pam Houston are wise and wonderful. The questions are interesting rather than the often heard trite questions of author series. And these hour and a half webinars are FREE. You may donate to help out with scholarships, but, otherwise, these great talks will cost you nothing. Sit down with a cocktail or do you stretching or....but definitely tune in. You will find everything from poetry to nature to travel to fiction to a bit of politics.

Gratitude to authors and others fills me up when realizing how much the many books enlarge life.

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