Friday, January 7, 2022


In the midst of my personal "January Clearance"--emptying boxes and bags and crawling around the studio to suss out things hidden, I ordered this book. I have only just begun to read it and am thoroughly impressed by the writing. It is a unique style and might not appeal to all, but I am intrigued.

On the clearance front I've been pretty successful and have a treasure trove of old art work going to the thrift store and a huge pile of empty boxes awaiting the recycling bin. The best part? Letting go makes room for new creative ideas. And in that vein I came across this great quote:  Holding onto something that is good for you now may be the very reason you don't have something better.

Onward with the clearance (with a bunch of breaks for reading.) Oh, and crossing my fingers for omicron heading out to make way for January (full) and February workshops.

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