About me

I am an artist, writer, teacher and creative coach. As a mostly self-taught mixed media artist working in both 2-D and 3-D, I am a natural experimenter.  I seek to blend traditional methods with more innovative ones, pushing the creative envelope and encouraging students to do the same.

Born and raised in Southern California, I currently live in beautiful Laguna Beach where there is ample opportunity to be in and watch nature in all its wonders.  My daily walks along the beach or nearby canyons fuel my imagination. Much of my art and writing comes from my joy in this source.

Art is full of mystery, adventure, and abundant possibility. I seek to explore and create this both in my art and in my teaching.  Whimsical joy is everywhere! Sharing this with students and art collectors is an on-going thrill.


  1. I love your halloween candy artpiece

  2. I'm in the same class as "Star"

  3. I'm doing an artwork analysis, and I'm choosing from your A celebration of Women series. Do you recommend any specific piece?