Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Boy!  Time is really flying by now. The summer's art festival season is so close I can almost smell it (Oh!  That's just the sawdust I dumped into my booth this morning that is cleaning to my still unchanged clothing :))
My booth is painted.  Sawdust in (as mentioned.) Art work matted, framed and wired or placed in a plastic sleeve, labeled, boxed, and ready to take.  Art cards printed, assembled and put in their individual sleeves. Signage almost half finished. Display pieces gathered, cleaned, repainted as needed. Postcards ordered (and reordered after first batch wrong.) Little Whimsies nearly completed and display figured out.  Birds freshened and ready to go. Sales book, Square, pens, etc. all gathered together.  Bags ordered...and reordered when wrong size arrived. And believe it or not, there is still much to do.  Wow!  Looking forward to a great festival season. Stay posted for more of the fun. I think I'll take a breath now.


  1. whew! had no idea what goes on behind the scenes. hopefully it will all pay off with a very fun and profitable Festival.

  2. I always think it is fun to see just what goes on behind the scenes at any kind of venue, don't you? Thanks for the good wishes!