Sunday, June 26, 2016


Beginning the summer's Sawdust Art Festival is a bit like the beginning of a mixed media piece. There is an idea, a concept, perhaps.  Some excitement and anticipation exists.  Then, some trial and error.  And, ultimately, the finished piece.  
We are now at the beginning of the festival period of 66 days.  I am recalling from all the previous years the things I love about this process that are so much like the creating itself. In just the one day I have been there the enjoyment of the visitors has been engaging and gratifying--a real boost to offset things like lights not working or not feeling quite "there" yet.
These opportunities to share and swap stories and revisit past times with old and new friends are unmatched.  The "finished piece" of the festival season seems far away on this Sunday morning, but it will be here all too soon.  In the meantime, the moments are here to explore, experience and enjoy. Curious to see how it goes, I lean into the joy of it all!

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