Saturday, June 12, 2021


As I ready for another of the Sunday Studio Mixed Media Playtime workshops I find myself thinking about creativity and just what it means.

So often folks say they are not creative when what I see is any number of ways that they ARE in fact creative.So very many creative people pass through our lives every day.

One of the most creative people I encountered as a child was my ballet teacher, Catherine Joyce. It just seemed that everything she touched had a creative edge to it. Not only did she teach ballet, but she choreographed our programs, she designed beautiful costumes (one of my all time favorites was the fuchsia costume I was honored to wear as a gangly ten year old.) In addition, she made dainty porcelain figurines of dancers. She just seemed to have an abundance of creativity. 

But I digress. Sure, Catherine Joyce was extremely creative, but the fact is we are all creative and should nurture this in whatever form it takes small or large. Maybe you are a creative cook, a beautiful dresser, a whiz at decorating your home....the list could go on and on. Everyone is creative in at least one way and by acknowledging and setting aside time for our creativity life can be more fulfilling and more meaningful.

As the sports saying goes, "Just do it!" Get those creative juices flowing.

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