Friday, April 6, 2018


In spite of having read Brag, The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn by Peggy Klaus, as a dyed-in-the-wool introvert I still struggle with the tooting. Still, I am excited and proud of a recent achievement. 
I was contacted by a set decorator at Paramount Studios and asked if it would be possible to create several pieces for an upcoming film. After many back and forth conversations about just what they needed, the big question came--could I create eight 12 x 18 fun figure collage pieces in 10-14 days?
Taking on the challenge, I immediately said that I could...and went searching for the parts and pieces. Cutting and sometimes enlarging followed, along with creating backgrounds and layout.
With the piece shown here I first found the wine-colored blazer. Add a skirt made of inverted spike leaves, plant stalks for legs, duck feet and I was on a roll.
Other pieces used images of pencils, flowers, crow feet, super enlarged vinyl record grooves and more to create pieces that were more than a little bit "off." In the process, I giggled a lot and frequently laughed aloud as things came together. Not my usual mode of work, this was really a lot of fun as well as being a huge "outside the box" push.
While my fun and challenge are now a thing of the past, I find I am looking forward to the film, which is only now in production.  It is Amy Poehler's directorial debut for Netflix, Wine Country, and has writers and a cast of pals from SNL, including Tina Fey. 
I'll toot my horn now, because, after all, it is Hollywood...perhaps the eight pieces will be onscreen for five seconds or even not at all. Still, what a great coup for me. Toot! Toot!