Monday, April 30, 2018


Spring flowers bloom
What mood is that? Hobbes asks Calvin while discussing creativity and inspiration in a cartoon by the great Bill Watterson. Calvin's reply, Last-minute panic is probably recognizable by many of us who play in creative fields. 
It's not that ideas and possibilities do not abound, but somehow getting to the nitty-gritty often awaits that last minute crush.
Recently, after completing eight collage pieces for a set for Amy Poehler's upcoming production for Netflix of Wine Country, I found myself unable to focus on just one creative area. I was all over the place. Perhaps this was in part a direct effect of the intense pressure to complete the eight pieces. Last-minute panic had been the rule.
So now do I have to wait until another last-minute time? 
Gee! I hope not. 
Plodding on will continue until some brilliance shines through. Maybe I'll even get another film gig.  Wouldn't that be great?