Wednesday, December 23, 2020




"Hope rises with our collective realization that humans imagine these systems that are killing people and the planet, and that we can imagine our way out of this mess." (Brooke Larsen)

The beauty of the vine seen on my morning walk two weeks ago has changed drastically. This got me thinking. Change is always with us. And, yes, this simple and indisputable fact and give us hope.

Reading the children's book There Must be More Than That by Shinsuke Yoshitake only served to further my thinking on this. The scenarios in this fun book are reassuring while being at times ridiculous. As is stated on the flyleaf,"'s often just a matter of choosing hope over hopelessness, and seeking an affirming alternative to challenging situations."

While that is exceedingly difficult in these trying times, perhaps we can consider the possibility of good. Change is always with us...always a possibility exists. Grab hold.

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