Saturday, December 26, 2020


Dear World,

Hard not to be hopeful with this kind of beauty around. Call me a Pollyanna if you will for the stereotype of young girl with infectious optimism does not insult me at all. If my optimism, my hopefulness, my own joy in life extends to just one other person in the world I can be glad.

2020 has without a doubt been a truly rough year and more so for some than for others. Still, out of this year have come many beautiful stories of hope amidst struggle. I choose to hang on to those stories. 

There is much to hope for on the horizon. We have vaccines beginning to be approved and administered and, while it may be some time before the full effect can be felt...well, how hard is it really to wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, etc? When the going gets tough.... We ARE tough, and the toughest have found ways to work through. The future is pretty bright after all.

Life has thrown us a big curve this year, but we cannot operate well ruled by fear. It takes an attitude of joy and hopefulness to surmount the tough days along with gratitude for all that we do have, however little it may be. Choose joy. Choose beauty. Choose gratitude. Choose awe. Choose hope and optimism.

Love, Pollyanna

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