Saturday, September 21, 2019


Katherine's play
With an upcoming couple of workshops in the works for the next week or so I find myself continuing in the vein of questioning what I think it takes for a successful experience for all.

Safety of the space for experimenting and being oneself I think I covered last time. What else? 

Some of the nitty-gritty: 
Since I supply the materials, there should always be an ample supply.
Include optional supplies for experimentation.
A handout sheet of where to purchase and what to continue the playing.
A handout sheet that basically explains process, as there is always too much to simply remember.

Beyond these (and probably a few other things I cannot remember right now) instructor and student both should be present and respectful of one and all.

I'm off to prep for tomorrow's alcohol inks workshop with all this and more in mind.

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