Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The long view
On my morning walk today I paused at this inspiring view to just sit and ponder. One of the things that showed up was an article I had recently read on contributing to the good energy of a workshop environment as a student. While there were aspects with which I could agree, there were others with which I took exception.

With two workshops coming up this month, I thought long and hard as I sat about just what I think makes a good safe environment in which to play in the fields of art.

As an instructor, it is always my primary concern that each student should feel safe to create in his or her own way as long as it is done in a manner that is not harmful to self or others. Beyond that, the students should feel that both they and their creations are accepted and enjoyed.

In the student/teacher relationship there is always the accepted expectation of some critique. Nevertheless, I strive to keep this to a minimum, often waiting to be asked. Students are not to critique each other unless asked.

In a nutshell, beyond this, I strive to create an environment for my workshops in which there is a lot of daring experimentation, laughter, story-telling, good food, and new friendships gained. It is, after all, Mixed Media Playtime, and the joyful play I seek to see is implied, I think.

Always, I am grateful for the many opportunities of teaching.

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