Saturday, January 11, 2020


Fun journaling
As a group of us met last night to celebrate the 2019 Round Robin Journaling success I had many thoughts. Of course, first of all, what a wonderful group was gathered together in this celebration of creativity. But there's more.

Cindy started me off down this path a few years ago, asking that I join a group of artists who once monthly did a spread in a journal and then passed it along. This has now spread and is, for us, a local group of artists who create some of the most lively and creative pages each month. 

The idea is to experiment and to explore and to play with new and old techniques. Some of the work/play that comes from this is spectacular and I am pleased and humbled to be a part of this process.

Want to join us in 2020? Want to start your own group? Just let me know.


  1. I would love to join in on this. What a wonderful thing to do. I love the all the creativity!

    1. Jen==Faith is in charge of this round. I will let her know and she will contact you :)